Cannabis-based medicines offer a disruptive alternative to many of the standard treatments emanating from the $1.1 trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry. Thousands of years of evidence, millions of testimonies and dozens of clinical trials continue to prove that cannabis is a safe and effective treatment for a broad range of mental and physical diseases.

Yet physician acceptance and subsequent consumer access to cannabis therapies continues to be restricted by the relative lack of rigorous clinical research data. A glaring clinical need exists for cannabis-based medicines that meet pharmaceutical standards of quality, consistency, and scientific validation.

BECKLEY CANOPY will meet the needs of doctors and patients around the world by developing cannabis-based medicines that are proven to be effective in clinical trials and licensed by regulators as health products with product-specific medical claims.


BECKLEY CANOPY’s first IP generating research in humans is already underway: a brain imaging trial looking at the effects of a proprietary cannabinoid formulation in the treatment of a major indication.

Additional research and product development programs are scheduled to start in 2018. As IP positions are secured, further information will be provided.


The cannabis plant produces over 100 different cannabinoids, many of which show great pharmacological promise. It is only through rigorous scientific research that we can unlock the full medical potential of this unique plant.


BECKLEY CANOPY has undertaken an extensive intellectual property review which informs all strategic and clinical development plans. Our products will be protected by a robust intellectual property portfolio covering the following areas: